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Frequency: 06 issues per year.
ISSN: 2582-4201

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IJRDES Publishing Policy & Ethics:

All authors must adhere to the below guidelines before submitting a paper for review.

  1. Originality: IJRDES adhere to Zero percent plagiarism policy. A submitted paper must be 100% original. If you are referring to any other paper, you should have proper permission to use their research and proper reference/citation should be given in the paper.

  2. Research Work: As we say research work, we mean your paper should be proper research, new innovation or further research work.

  3. Open Access: IJRDES is an open-access platform. All accepted work will publish in our monthly journal and freely available to all readers. An author should agree to provide their research work in open access after publication.

  4. General Guidelines & Formatting: If there is more than one author in paper, all the authors must be in mutual understanding before submitting a paper to IJRDES. Your paper must be properly formatted and adhere IJRDES standard of paper formatting. The submitted paper should be in a single or double column standard paper format.


Reader Responsibility


  1. Journal Contain all articles are open access, there is no need for any subscription to read the articles.

  2. Readers encourage and give suggestions for the accuracy and completeness of the article.

  3. Suggest innovative ideas, topics, and review topics for a call of quality manuscripts.

  4. Apply to join for editorial and reviewer board members by obeying the journal policies.

  5. Refer to the articles carefully by obeying the authorship content of the article.

  6. Be aware of misconduct and authorship of the article.

  7. Suggest for the improving policies, rules, and ethics of journal.

  8. Any other suggestions from the reader point of view information to the journal.

  9. The reader must not be used the journal web contents, materials, images, logos, and any article materials for commercial's benefits or self-interest.

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